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Reaching out to homeowners across Collier in need of help…

The elderly, disabled, veterans & families with children.

Christmas in Naples, Inc. is a Florida, non-denominational, not-for-profit corporation staffed by volunteers to rehabilitate the residences of homeowners in Naples, Florida who are in need of assistance. Our efforts are focused on the elderly, disabled, veterans, and families with children. Our goals are to keep people living safely and independently, to restore neighborhoods, the homeowner's pride and dignity. The Corporation relies on community support from volunteers to repair homes, and seeks donations from businesses, organizations, government, and individuals. In addition to monetary donations, we also accept building supplies and materials, and household furnishings (like fixtures, appliances, and furniture). We rely solely on volunteer efforts; please contact us to find out how you can make a meaningful contribution to your community.

A helping hand for the home – Christmas in Naples brings gifts year ’round to those in need -- a chat with Vincent “Cap” Mona.

Written by Lance Shearer

In the affluent community that is Naples, Florida, there is a level of need that may be surprising. On the fringes of the city, on country lanes or in quiet neighborhoods, people are struggling to get by, in homes that are sometimes coming down around them.

There are many low-income homeowners, who own their homes, but cannot afford to pay for the work needed to keep them livable. That’s where Cap Mona is putting his effort, working to make a difference, and put help where it’s needed.

“We’re not just redoing a house,” he said. “We’re changing people’s lives.”

Mona, whose company, Washington, D.C.-based Mona Electric Group, is one of the world’s largest electrical contractors, came to Naples to enjoy the good life. While he enjoys a privileged lifestyle today, he has never forgotten his humble roots, and for decades has sought out opportunities to help those less fortunate.

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